School choirs, the 11 plus and 4 brand-new books of help

I run a small school choir at my primary school…or I did. Now I run a big choir.

For the first two months of term, 6 brilliant singers have shown up. I’ve been happy, they’ve been happy. Still – 6? I knew I could reach more children, but I’m also of the opinion (WARNING:FIXED MINDSET ALERT) I want the children to choose to come, not be cajoled into coming.

Still, the choir and I decided the best way to reach more children was to simply tell them about it during an assembly. Not force them, not coerce them, or promise them biscuits and juice at the coming Christmas carol concert.

So we told them. Last Friday, we spoke about it: how much fun it was, how it helps with confidence and meeting new friends, how it might add joy and health to their lives, how it may be just what they’re looking for. Oh, and where and when it takes place. (Fridays, 12.50pm in the music room.)

There was no shaming, “Hands up who’s coming this lunchtime?”

However, that lunchtime, we had 24 children. We – the choir and I – had quadrupled the number of children taking part.

Simply by letting them know we are here, we have given 18 more children a positive experience and set them out on what might be a lifetime habit. We will continue telling the school about the choir every Friday, in the hope of reaching more children.

It made me think of this blog and the four books I’ve just published over the weekend. Four brand-new books written specifically to reach and help as many children succeed in the 11 plus as I can. It’s strange – I’m a passionate teacher and tutor who absolutely loves his job, I’m a fervent, non-stop writer, yet I’m not a ‘marketer’. Like the choir, I’ve been thinking that if I just put the books out there, the parents, tutors and children will find them when they need them.

My opinion is wrong. (Growth mindset!) My choir taught me in one assembly that it’s really important to let people know you are there. It’s really important to let people know what you have, so they can investigate and see if it’s something that can help. (If you’re preparing a child for their 11 plus, it is going to be a huge help.) So two things:

  1. A truly huge welcome to
  2. Here are  four brand-new books

that offer incredibly essential information, knowledge, skills and practical steps to help your child reach their highest mark in the English section of Stage 1 & 2  11 plus grammar tests. The books cover multiple choice, comprehension, grammar, punctuation, spelling and creative writing.

I hope that you – like my quadrupled school choir – find this information useful. I hope I can help.

Thanks for thinking about your child’s education.

Stay 11plushappy.