Good morning #coffeeparents and early morning learners

A brief salute to you if you’re up early to gather today’s learning for your 11plus child. We’re halfway through the holidays already. I hope your child has experienced a jump in learning during the first week, and I hope the weekend ahead turns out well for you. When I was readying my own children, Saturday morning was our Maths Cafe moment.

We headed to a cafe, sometimes local, sometimes far, and would sit and work through 2-3 hours of learning while we relaxed and chatted and ate and drank. Special times that I am so grateful for sharing with my son and daughter.

We’d start with a drink, perhaps do a Bond English assessment test, then eat. While eating, we’d focus half an hour on one topic – multiplying fractions or a game of connectives football, for example – then we’d work through a Maths paper together, stopping on anything needing more time. A second drink or small pudding would arrive, giving us the energy and happiness to keep learning and keep talking together. Other times, we’d do a long write for each other, trying to embed one or two new writing skills or features in our story or description.

It is amazing what can be achieved with a bit of creativity, a milkshake, and your personal knowledge of what your child enjoys, where they feel happy.

Whatever you’re planning for the day, thank you for nurturing the learning spirit of your child. Our children love to be with us, and when we combine that with learning and fun, magic can happen. Have an amazing Saturday,

Lee 2019