Learn Out Loud – please read with your voice turned up!

Because the week is about fun,

I thought – how can I show ‘em?

Then some words raced into the room

And yelled: “Just write a poem!”

Mums and dads – they need fun too

They might have grumpy faces

Just speak in an unusual way

And take them to fun places

It might go right, it might go wrong

That’s not the point because

Our playful purpose is to pass

Our child’s 11 plus.

Perhaps you’ll say: “Today,

Our lesson starts under the table.”

Then with a preposition, move it

Everywhere you’re able

Splashing through a puddle,

Sprinkling water on your face,

You’ll say, “This ‘ain’t no lesson, child,

This is a Maths Café!”

A milk shake and some paper and a pencil and a jug

Turn milk to millimetres and then finish with a hug

I could go on forever, but I better stop today

So you can go and have some fun in your English Café.

This last verse has adverbs of time, this poem has showed you how

Your child learns longer with a laugh…so go and teach them NOW!

Happy learning. Let me know if you enjoyed today’s learning snack.

Lee, with a smile on his face, London

November 2nd, 2023