11 Plus ‘Sutton Test’ S.E.T. Stage 2 Creative Writing 3-book Download Bundle


  • Instant, fully printable downloads of all 3 11plushappy! ebooks.
  • Prepare to succeed in Stage 2 Creative Writing 11+ entrance exams.
  • The absolute must-have features of stand-out 11 plus creative writing. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, your child needs to include all of these.
  • Show your child what success looks like with models of both fiction and non-fiction writing, written under timed conditions. With each story or essay are rich explanations of which writing features are used, why they are being used, as well as how to use them. A 100% focus on 11+ writing. Teachers use modelling and guided reading every day, so do what teachers do!
  • Teach your child to produce exceptional fiction and non-fiction creative writing to the required length. Suitable for grammar schools & independent schools.
  • Written by an English-obsessed and ridiculously happy 11+ tutor, primary teacher, author and dad of grammar school kids.


11plus 11 plus creative writing guide 3 book Masterclass Ebundle with ficiton and non-fiction models and the 21 must-haves of successful 11plus writing

Avoid worry and wasted time and add those essential improvements to your child’s writing. Instant, fully printable downloads of all 3 targeted creative writing books, designed and inspired by the Stage 2 Creative Writing Exam. Featuring the 21 Must-Haves of creative writing in any genre, PLUS Fiction and Non-fiction models to show your child what successful writing looks like, PLUS pages and pages of analysis of what features are included in each model, why they work and what they show the marker. Help your child dazzle-write.

‘Having been through the 11+ process twice already I was sceptical at first if I would learn anything new. However I could not have been more mistaken. In the past I have had a tutor but nonetheless needed to supplement some of the English myself. This is a clear concise guide to give any parent the confidence and skills to teach their child, with great examples of writing.’ – 11+ Parent & Purchaser