11 Plus English Masterclass 4-book Download Bundle


  • Instant, fully printable downloads of all four 11plushappy! ebooks.
  • Prepare to succeed in both Stage 1 English Multiple Choice & Stage 2 Creative Writing 11+ entrance exams.
  • Includes all the major ways multiple choice English tests try and trick your child – and how your child can beat them.
  • The absolute must-have features of stand-out 11 plus creative writing. Whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, your child needs to include all of these.
  • Show your child what success looks like with models of both fiction and non-fiction writing, written under timed conditions. With each story or essay are rich explanations of what writing features are used, why they are being used, as well as how to use them. A 100% focus on 11+ writing. Teachers use modelling and guided reading every day, so do what teachers do.
  • Essential multiple-choice English preparation.
  • Teach your child to produce exceptional fiction and non-fiction creative writing to the required length. Suitable for grammar schools & independent schools.
  • Written by a happy 11+ tutor, primary teacher and author.