Grammar School Success in Multiple Choice English – 59 Easy Ways to Score High in Your 11 Plus English Exam


  • Multiple Choice tests are often the only chance your child has to pass their 11 Plus.
  • Stage 1 multiple choice tests are the gateway to grammar schools.
  • Why your child’s multiple choice English test is secretly 3 reading tests in one.
  • Help your child beat the tricks all tests play!
  • Better than simply practising test paper after test paper, the hacks show your child how to improve and strive for 100%.
  • Learn about wrong-rights: how wrong answers are designed to look like right answers – and what your child can do about it.
  • Explores in detail the most common multiple choice question types.
  • Specially designed, child-friendly hacks for each trick.
  • One hack alone could boost accuracy by 50%.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Deliberate, targeted, specific skill practice makes ‘prepared’.
  • Embed crucial, happy thinking skills during practice to make a difference on the day.
  • When every question counts, you need to know what each question is testing you on.
  • Time-management strategies that work, during practice and on the test day.
  • Brand new material. Get a head start for your child.
  • £1000 of teaching hours for the fractional cost of one, immediately accessible book.
  • Opportunity to email the author for support.
  • Immediate download – the best time to start learning is now!
  • Ideal for pupils, parents, carers and tutors.