The 11 Plus Creative Writing Guide – 21 Writing ‘Must-Haves’ To Reach Your Highest Mark!

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  • Teaches you & your child the essential must-have elements of all successful 11 Plus writing.
  • Understand why 11 Plus writing is the peacock feather of writing.
  • Why your child could miss their chance if they miss more than one of these must-haves.
  • Fiction and Non-fiction guidance on grammar, vocabulary, punctuation and structure to help your child reach their highest mark.
  • Practice makes perfect.  Deliberate, targeted, specific skill practice makes ‘prepared’.
  • A year’s expert writing tuition in one book!
  • £1000 worth of private tuition teaching hours for the fractional cost of one, immediately accessible book.
  • Stand out from the crowd with teacher & pupil tested successful writing techniques.
  • Show what you know…then add much, much more.
  • Immediate pdf e-book download – the best time to start learning is now!
  • Fully printable for your convenience.
  • Brand new material. Get a head start for your child.
  • Book 1 of a complete 3-book creative writing tuition series.
  • Fantastic support for pupils, parents, carers and tutors.
  • Supports KS2 & KS3 creative writing.