Happy Holidays or Homework horror!

What a great time to be thinking about your child’s learning. You’ll be reflecting how they’ve progressed this year, and hopefully planning what needs to be done in the new year, just 3 days away. Is 2015 the year your son and daughter will sit their 11+? Or is 2015 the year their understanding and talent begins, or continues, to shine and bloom?

Wherever you are on the incredible opportunity that is the 11+ path, smile, relax, be proud and be ready for the next part of the adventure.

And welcome to my first blog post. I’m a tutor, Dad, primary teacher and author. I love learning, and have a huge, happy crazy, passion for inspiring children and parents to love learning too. I loved teaching my son so much that I wrote a book about it.

My son thankfully passed all three 11+ tests that he had to take,  and is now in his third year at an incredible grammar school.

My daughter also passed her first and second stage tests this year, and we are waiting like many of you for the results in March.

It is possible. It happens every year. If it were impossible, no children would pass and no grammar schools would exist!

I would have loved a book that showed me how to do it, but I couldn’t find one. That’s why I really hope it can help as many parents as possible to find their success. In this blog, I’ll share some tips from the book, plus lots of new tips and advice that worked on my daughter (their learning styles were very, very different – sound familiar?) and with my current students.

If you want to read the book on kindle right now, here’s the link:


It’s called

11+ Ways to 11+ success: 88 Essential Powersteps You and Your Child Need to do now 

if you want to google and read the reviews.

Right, first post done, and I’ve beaten the new year deadline. I learned a great phrase from this American motivational speaker, Gary Ryan Blair, when I did his 100 day challenge a few years back.

‘Start Fast, Finish Strong.’

The classes I teach know this, and it applies absolutely to your son or daughter’s learning, and your teaching.

Happy holidays or homework horror? There’s definitely a way to get happy holidays and happy learning at the same time, as I hope you’ll learn along the way.

Enjoy the new year, and if you’ve hit upon me by chance, please subscribe – when it comes to this 11+ challenge, my first passionate plea is to encourage you to get your hands on every tip and method that you can. The more you know, the more the chances are that you’ll find what works most happily and effectively for your daughters or sons.