Brand new 11plus material for your child!

How is your 11 plus learning going during the Christmas holidays? I hope profoundly that you and your child are making time between the celebrations. Time is perhaps the number one resource in preparing for 11 plus success…and with that in mind, I’ve used my Christmas break to work, prepare and finish 4 brand new 11 plus English tuition resources for your child/students. I’m so excited you can now get your hands and brains on them! Find out more here. Your just-released downloads include:

  1. Grammar School Success for Multiple Choice English – 59 Easy Ways to Score High in your exam. This is brand new material – you can’t find this information anywhere else!
  2. The 11 Plus Creative Writing Guide – 21 ‘must-haves’ of successful 11 plus writing.
  3. 11 plus Creative Writing Examples & analysis – Fiction Edition!
  4. 11 plus Creative Writing Examples & analysis – Non-Fiction Edition!

Remember – the best time to start learning is always now. Visit during the holidays and give your child the help they need.  

My very best, stay 11plushappy!

Lee December 2018