11plushappy! New Year

Is this the year your child gets into grammar school?

Is 2019 the year your child sits their 11 Plus? From the very first day to its last, I hope 2019 is filled with learning and happiness for your child and your family. Add these brand new, essential 11 Plus English learning materials to your journey.

Managing the year is like managing the tests themselves. 60 questions in 45 minutes? Try breaking each test into 3 or 4 mini-tests: 10-15 minutes for each set of 15-20 questions. Manage time and focus within each pocket of time.

It’s the same with your child’s year. What are they learning today? Even 5-20 minutes will make a difference over time. Please – as a parent who’s been there twice and as a tutor who keeps going back every year! – don’t let time run out. The best time to start learning and continue learning is always now.

Want to know how much time to spend on the 11+ and what you should be doing with it?

Avoid wasting time and super-boost your child's learning. Download now.

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Have an incredible year of learning.

Lee Mottram

Teacher, parent, tutor. 2019