Children’s Planner for 11plus Tuition and Homework available NOW!

Hi everyone, I made a planner! I designed it for my own children and families, so they could have a rock-solid method of handing over learning and homework. The kids and parents love it and I wanted to share it with you. You may love it, too!

Tuition just got happier! If you’ve ever asked your child what homework their tutor has set them, only to get the reply: “Um…I can’t remember,” this child-friendly journal is going to change your life. Bring to every tuition or home learning session and never lose track of homework and learning again. A trustworthy A5 planner to make children, families and tutors happier while boosting Eleven Plus, KS2 and Lower KS3 education, from the learning-obsessed team of one at

  • Designed with children in mind.
  • Glossy, beautiful and bright, wipe-clean cover to survive real life, school bags and snack fingers! Children will be happy to own and bring this to every lesson.
  • Easy A5 size – child and backpack friendly!
  • 198 pages – Track and record up to 2 years of tuition or home learning.
  • Welcome page to draw and add personal details.
  • Your child can write in their happy reasons for studying and learning – encourages commitment and motivation.
  • Child-friendly question prompts to help with mind maps, after-lesson reflection and learning.
  • A reliable shared space for everyone: children, tutors and families.
  • Ask your child’s tutor a question in the space provided.
  • Dedicated mind map space to draw and note key remembered information after each lesson. Aids memory retention and deeper learning.
  • Break-out space for doodling and relaxing.

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No other planner is designed with such a happy focus on improving learning by bringing children, families and tutors together.
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Are you looking forward to never not knowing what your child’s homework is again?

  • Perfect for parents and family members supporting children preparing for 11plus entrance exams for grammar and Independent schools. Your child is doing amazing things – let’s make the journey smooth.
  • Perfect for all Eleven Plus, KS2 Primary and Lower Key Stage 3 tuition and home learning.
  • A super-helpful, practical solution for committed tutors searching for a way to develop communication with families and make everyone’s time easier, more efficient, effective and happier. Set yourself apart by gifting or recommending this planner to your students.

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