I’m a primary teacher, dad and tutor.

I had the time of my life teaching my son prepare for the 11plus entrance exams, so much so that I wrote a kindle book about the experience.

My son was, thankfully, successful in securing a place in his first choice grammar.

It was then my daughter’s turn. Another two years later, and she, too, managed to gain a place into her first choice grammar. (It was not as straightforward a journey, and I will share this story in the hope it will help you.)

On this website are 11 plus insights and practical tips that will be taken from my books, as well as new insights from my ongoing tuition. You’ll also find links to books and websites I use in my own teaching.
New books and websites will be added as I find them – I’m hungry to keep learning, as I’m sure you are – so I usually uncover at least one a month that I feel is worthwhile.

Click on the right tabs to go straight to the links. The book links are to amazon because I can’t find them cheaper. They are affiliate links, so amazon will pay me a small commission. This makes no difference to your price. If you do see a better price, please let me know.
I hope the tips you find here help you devise and succeed a proper learning journey for you and your child. Again, you may wish to start here.


11plus Ways to 11plus Success
You don’t need a kindle to read this. I didn’t own one to write it, and continue to read dozens of kindle books on my laptop.

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I hope you’re feeling 11plushappy, and wish you all success with your child’s learning journey. Best, Lee 

    • Hi Waleed, The second edition will be ready by the end of May, as will another two books. One is on recognising and beating the tricks tests play in Multiple Choice English, while the second book is a much-expanded version of the writing guide in the 1st edition, crucially with lots of modelled examples stories and non-fiction writing to help children see the tips in action. These will be ready at the same time, the idea being to offer children and parents a truly helpful, practical kit to conquer 11 Plus English.

      • Thank you,Lee, your book is an inspiration to me and my son. The resources are still relevant. I look forward to your new books.

        In the recommended books, Is it just the books recommended found in your blog, or all the books in the series. The Bond definetly had more books as well as CGP than the links in your website.

        It is a shame, I couldn’t access them directly from your book.

        Thanks again. I look forward to your reply.

        Best Regards,

      • Hi Waleed, I would honestly try all the books in the series, with one proviso. Supposing your son is 8, for example, perhaps try him on an age below to gain early success, but if he finds the age below him too easy, I wouldn’t buy any more in that series. Move to to the 8-9 yrs. Within his age bracket, I would recommend as many in the series as you can find and budget for, simply to gain wider practice with speed and different texts. The assessment papers, stretch papers and ten minute tests I all find very useful. Equally, there are lots of books, as you rightly point out, in the Schofield & Sims series. Again, these offer fantastic range – the Mental Arithmetic series I absolutely love. Other titles focus on one topic, e.g. Fractions. Perhaps be a little more discerning and specific in choosing from these titles according to your son’s needs. There’s little point in times tables books, for example, if he is managing these very well – there is a lot of available material elsewhere, and you would be better using funds for other titles down the road. It is a marathon.
        I agree completely that it’s frustrating not to be able to access the titles direct. Amazon don’t allow links to their website from within kindle titles -perhaps this will change at some point. This is why I thought the pages of links might still be helpful, as they do allow links to other websites. In our time-poor lives, however, I appreciate there is close to no time to add even one extra click to our lives!
        I hope the Easter period is a happy time of rest and learning, and I’m over the moon to think a parent and child could get inspiration from the book to help their journey.
        My very best, Lee

      • Hi Waleed, how is your 11 plus journey with your son? Is it over yet, or are you still preparing for next year? I wanted to follow up and let you know at last – a lot longer than I planned – the multiple choice and creative writing books are out at last. I hope all is well with you, my best, Lee

  • Hello Lee,

    My daughter has been looking at some bits for taking her Eleven plus exams in September, We haven’t had a tutor but saw your link for your course material

    The exam boards for the Grammer schools we have local to us are as follows

    One school does the verbal reasoning standard paper and the multiple choice paper set by

    The other set by GLA and covers both verbal and non verbal papers

    Are your publications suitable for both please

    • Hi Shirley, Thank you so much for asking about the suitability of the materials for your daughter’s entrance exam.
      If only verbal and non-verbal reasoning are being tested, then definitely not. If the multiple choice is an English exam, then the Happy Hacks Multiple choice book would definitely be a huge support, but it doesn’t discuss verbal and non-verbal reasoning. Similarly, The Creative Writing models focus on specific creative writing must-haves, which are not tested in verbal and non-verbal.
      I’m really happy you thought to ask first. What materials are you using to rehearse verbal and non-verbal?
      My best, Lee Mottram