2016 11plushappy is finally here!

Hello, parents & children, tutors & teachers

We finally made it. I started this site when my daughter was in Y5, then became engrossed and committed to her  11+ journey. As I say in the book, commit 100% as a minimum, so I did, which meant 0% to bring here.

Two years on, and I’m happy to share she passed her test and is now nearing her first year of grammar school.

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So now to you. I have two aims –

  1. To share every tip I’ve learned as a teacher, tutor, but most importantly, as a parent, that might help your child achieve similar success with a smile on their face.
  2. To help create outstanding junior writers through offering plenty of tips and models of writing.

Teaching, writing and parenting are what I spend a lot of my days and evenings doing.

I believe, and spell out here in some length, that parents or carers are 50% of a child’s mark easy. You are the most important part of any child’s education. It thus makes sense that if I can help you through this blog and books, it follows that this will have a huge effect on your child’s opportunity for success.

So welcome, good luck, and dig deep. It’s a huge journey, a marathon, and an ultra-marathon at that, but every year thousands succeed.

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Here’s to your happy 11plus journey.