Go to the Maths cafe!

A big hello as the holidays kick in. I’ve written elsewhere how much of a major boost, a gift, these six weeks are on the 11+ plus happy path!  – a whole half-term of learning. As a teacher, I know the value of this time. As a parent readying my children for the 11+, I used some of that time a bit differently. My kids love cafes, a reminder of the many times their Nana and Granda took them to cafes in the Scottish village they live in during holidays.

We took this love and mixed it with 11+ learning, with fantastic results. Every Saturday, we’d install ourselves in a nearby cafe, and over a staged meal, get through 2 hours of learning. A milkshake was enough to see us through an English Bond comprehension. Then we’d order a sandwich, and carry on with a maths paper. One more drink, and we were ready to go over any areas that showed up as needing more attention or practice; otherwise, we’d write for twenty minutes.

The best part of all this is hanging out with your children. It’s not work, it’s living and learning and eating and drinking. It wasn’t any more expensive than an hour’s tuition, and we’d get between 2-3 hours of learning – a brilliant return.

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