the dream

I know how impossible it can feel, and have learned how possible it is.

I’ve lived on both sides.

When we received our email from our local borough of Merton confirming our son had got his place, we exploded. We cried, hugged, laughed and headed straight out for his celebration meal. My wife and I knew it was both a generation-changing moment for him and us, and the best reward for the two years extra work he had put in.

But the first step to your dream is to stop seeing it as a dream.

Instead, see it as a real outcome, something that can actually happen if you find out what steps you have to take, then take those steps. Know what you have to do and do it till it’s done.

Commit to the path and give it everything. You have to be your own guarantee!

Until next time, stay 11plushappy. Go and learn something right now.

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