9 Unmissable Story Continuation Lessons to Teach Your Child: VIDEO

Hello grown-ups, children, fellow tutors and teachers (notice I don’t include teachers in the grown-ups category – we never grow up!). With many children readying themselves for the 11plus exam season, I know the video below will be helpful in preparing for the creative writing part of the English test. Story continuation is a popular choice for independent school 11plus exams, so let’s give your child as much help as we can.

Grown-ups and children will benefit hugely from watching each of the Whizz Bang Story Continuation Rockets covered in the video: 9 unmissable tips and tools…plus one extra.

Please make notes as you watch. Pause the vid as much as needed and watch as many times as you wish to embed the learning inside your super-charged 11 Plus Brains!

Happy Writing!